Nursing Transcript (Pre-registration Nursing only)

Nursing Transcript (Pre-registration Nursing only)


** Transcripts may be sent directly to the requesting authorities, or we can provide the transcript electronically in PDF format. **


Providing Pre-registration Nursing Transcripts is an additional bespoke service of the Faculty of Health and Social Care, as such we cannot provide timeframes, however we aim to process requests quickly. Please ensure that you provide us with all the details requested below, as this will help reduce the length of time it takes to process your request.

Nursing Transcript
The Nursing Transcript is a Nurse Training Record which documents a breakdown of Theory and Practice experience (this includes the type of placement, hours obtained, dates, and the location).

Previous University of Chester Nursing students, regardless of whether or not they have graduated, may want to request this document for the purposes of: applying for registration overseas, as an emigration record for prospective employees, or transferring/ applying to another Institution.

The document also includes a student’s basic personal details and training details (Programme of Study, Cohort, Date of leaving).

This transcript option is for former students of Pre-registration Nursing only. It is advised that you contact before buying this product to ensure that you are purchasing the correct document. To proceed to purchase online please complete the form below and click "add to cart"

Please note that depending on the request, you may be charged for duplicate copies of the transcript or additional supporting information. You may be asked to provide the receipt of your original request

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