Diploma Supplement (Academic Transcript)

Diploma Supplement (Academic Transcript)


Those awarded academic credit by the University may purchase replacement documents confirming their assessment history.  We aim to process requests quickly, but the timeframe may vary depending on when you were registered as a student:

  • 2006 and onwards - one week
  • 1996 and onwards - two weeks
  • 1995 and before - four weeks

Diploma Supplement/ Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
The diploma supplement contains your transcript (including module results)together with contextual information about your programme and the UK Higher Education system, in a standard format which is shared across the EU. If you graduated prior to 2008 you may not be provided with programme information but the transcript will contain your module results.

All students are sent a copy of their Diploma Supplement/ HEAR or transcript, by post, within three weeks of publication of final results. If you require any additional copies (electronic or hard copy) the charge stated above applies.

For further information please contact transcripts@chester.ac.uk. To proceed to purchase online please complete the form below and click "add to cart"

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