Debbi Voisey, The 10:25: A Novella-in-Flash 25% IFFA members Discount

Debbi Voisey, The 10:25: A Novella-in-Flash 25% IFFA members Discount


Debbi Voisey, The 10:25: A Novella-in-Flash

The 10:25 is published as an A5-sized chapbook.

 It is the sixth in a series of chapbooks of quality flash fiction published by Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press.

Welcome aboard the 10:25 to Manchester, where Train Manager Malcolm is working his last shift. His world is falling apart, and what waits for him after his shift is unthinkable, but before he leaves, he has to spend one last day with the people who’ve moved through his world and through his train every day for years.

They’re all different and have their unique problems, but they’re also the same, because if there’s one thing life does, it’s kick everyone with equal ferocity. It’s how everyone deals with it that matters.

Follow Malcolm through his train and catch glimpses of jilted lovers, unrequited teens, grieving sons, and hopeful romancers, all interwoven with the story of Malcolm’s family, and the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do.

The 10:25 is about how appearances can mislead; how people’s lives are bubbling under the surface; and how love, kindness, and respect are everything.

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Debbi Voisey writes flash fictions, short stories, and novels. She has had her words published in several places online and in print (including Ad Hoc, The Bath Short Story Award, The Daily Drunk, Ellipsis, Flash Fiction Festival Anthologies 1, 2 and 3, National Flash Fiction Day, Paragraph Planet, Reflex, Litro, Storgy, Visual Verse – and a short-story machine at Edmonton Airport in Canada). She has been longlisted and shortlisted in several competitions, including Bath Short Story Award, Flash 500, and Reflex Fiction. The 10:25 was shortlisted in the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award.

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