Michael’s Story DVD CD

Michael’s Story DVD CD


Michael’s Story
Developing understandings about Gypsy Traveller culture
A Teaching Resource Pack on CDROM & DVD Video
Owens, A. Pickford, B. And Pickford, A. (2014)
ISBN 978-1-908258-12-0

This resource package is based on a project carried out in Cheshire West and Chester schools, which centres on the use of process drama to develop children’s knowledge and understandings of Gypsy Traveller culture and lifestyles.

Through the medium of drama, children are introduced to Michael, a popular pupil in their class. They are given the opportunity to discuss the characteristics of his popularity before being taken on a visual journey to visit Michael’s home. Michael introduces them to his life on a Traveller site, invites them into his trailer for tea and shares his Grandad’s passion: the restoration of an old Gypsy wagon or vardo. Children are given the opportunity to ask questions of Michael, his Grandma and his Grandad which may have arisen during their visit before returning home to share their experiences.

Within the safe and familiar environment of their own classroom, pupils are given the opportunity to explore, discuss and share their thoughts and views. Michael’s story has been delivered in schools with and without Gypsy Traveller pupils on roll. Where Gypsy Traveller pupils have been present it has given them the opportunity to share their lifestyle in a very positive context and environment.

All the resources and necessary background knowledge to enable teachers to deliver Michael’s Story are provided here.

On the CDROM: The story for the drama, background information on Gypsy Traveller culture and the pedagogies used, extension activities including a Planning Appeal role-play and Philosophy for Children (P4C)
activities (in PDF format) plus all necessary images.

On the DVD: Interviews with Michael, Grandma and Grandad on video plus video extras

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