Christianity Study Day 2017

Christianity Study Day 2017


Christianity A level Study Day
Saturday 1st July 2017 10.00–16.00
Hollybank, University of Chester, Parkgate Road,
CH1 4BJ.  £50 – to include lunch and refreshments

Designed for teachers of A level Christianity

Delivered by published scholars and members of the TRS Department at the University of Chester:

  • Dr Hannah Bacon
  • Dr Dawn Llewellyn
  • Dr Wayne Morris

Ideal if you are new to teaching the subject, but also great for re-engaging with a subject you love even if you are experienced

Subject specific workshops led by academic specialists in their fields, not by A level examiners or teacher trainers

The day is not designed to support the specification of any particular board, but to explore Christianity academically, and engage with some fascinating and important contemporary controversies

Topics to be covered:

Sexist or Liberative? Exploring Christian Understandings of God
Topics: The Divinity of Jesus, The history of the Trinity, Contemporary Christian debates about God
Key Thinkers: Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Sallie McFague, Mary Daly, Leonardo Boff

Whose Authority? Diverse approaches to using the Bible in Christianity
Topics: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant approaches to making decisions about faith and morality
Key Thinkers: Karl Barth, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Elisabeth Schüssler-Fiorenza, Second Vatican Council

Is Heaven a Place on Earth?
Topics: Debates on salvation, atonement, the afterlife and liberation
Key Thinkers: Anselm of Canterbury, Augustine of Hippo, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Gustavo Gutierrez

Christianity after the Holocaust
Topics: Ecumenism, Perspectives on other Faiths (Exclusivism, Inclusivism and Pluralism), Secularization
Key Thinkers: John Hick, Karl Rahner, Second Vatican Council, Rosemary Radford Ruether

Gender and Christianity: Diversity and Practice
Topics: Sacraments and Gender, Baptism, Eucharist
Key Thinkers: Rowan Williams, Pope John Paul II, Elaine Graham

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