Studying English: Taster Seminars by the Department of English (All Seminars)

Studying English: Taster Seminars by the Department of English (All Seminars)


Studying English: Taster Seminars by the Department of English
22nd May-26th June 2019

University of Chester - VICARAGE Building (CVC101)

Are you interested in the idea of studying English? Perhaps you have a love for literature? Wish to understand more about the English language? Or are a budding creative writer? If so, you may wish to consider signing up for our series of taster seminars delivered by the English department at the University of Chester.

Studying English is an introductory series of seminar that covers six weeks between 22nd May to 26th June 2019. Taught by experts in the subjects of literature, language and creative writing and based in the Vicarage, Parkgate Road Campus, participants will be taught in two classes on Wednesdays. You will explore a range of literary texts, have a tour of English word classes and be introduced to key genres of creative writing.

You can book for the whole course or for individual taster seminars. The cost of the course is £130.00 for 12 seminars; £15.00 per individual seminar.

The taster seminars are free for A level students, people over the age of 60 and people receiving benefits. For the discount code, please email the course leader, Dr Eileen Pollard,


22nd May
Seminar 1: 11.00-1.00 Naomi Walker: The Great Gatsby
Seminar 2: 2.00-4.00  Sarah Martin: Golden Age Detective Fiction  (Photocopies Provided)

29th May
Seminar 3: 11.00-1.00 Sarah Martin: Sherlock Holmes and Psychogeography (Photocopies provided)
Seminar 4: 2.00-4.00 Urszula Skrzypik-Stein: A tour of English word classes

5th June
Seminar 5: 11.00-1.00 Ian Seed: An Introduction to Writing Poetry
Seminar 6: 2.00-4.00  Richard Leahy: Northern Lights

12th June
Seminar 7: 11.00-1.00 Sheila Jones: Creating Character
Seminar 8: 2.00-4.00  Jo Close: An Introduction to Grammar

19th June
Seminar 9: 11.00-1.00 Lucy Johnson: Naomi Walker: Oranges are not the only fruit
Seminar 10: 2.00-4.00 Lucy Johnson: Eileen Pollard: Eileen Pollard: The Handmaid’s Tale

26th June
Seminar 11: 11.00-1.00 Alan Wall: An Introduction to Creative Writing
Seminar 12: 2.00-4.00  Ashley Chantler and Peter Blair: An Introduction to Writing Flash Fiction

For further information, please contact the course leader, Dr Eileen Pollard: . To proceed to book the full course online please click "add to cart" below

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