Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Saturday 25th April,  7pm
Kingsway Campus, University of Chester

Home Sweet Home - Kaveh Rahmana
Part-Iranian, part-Welsh, part-who cares, part-everybody-cares: Home Sweet Home uses circus, stand-up and plenty of true-to-life anecdotes to explore what it is to feel like you don’t belong.
Performer Kaveh Rahnama re-imagines the BNP in the 80s, broken eggs, water fights, class struggles, biting, Brexit, relationships, fatherhood and juggling in the rain. With a classic soundtrack of feel-good hits, this partly autobiographical show is an entertaining look at what it means to be British when one, or both, of your parents isn't.
Home Sweet Home is a show which everyone can relate to. If you’ve been in a room full of people and felt like you didn’t belong there, or if you’ve had someone say something to you that made you feel really small but you didn’t say anything, then this is the show for you. It’s also really entertaining. People have laughed a lot while watching the show. Some have cried too.
“Amazing. Lovely, rich and visceral”
 “‘Wonderful and truly moving, a heartfelt exploration into belonging”
“It was like when you spend that first night chatting to a new friend”.
Trailer https://vimeo.com/344975486

£6 for students and £10 for general public

Please note: These tickets will be held on the door for you to collect on the night and will not be posted out.

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