Frantic Assembly - I think we are alone - Liverpool 12 Feb 2020

Frantic Assembly - I think we are alone - Liverpool 12 Feb 2020


I think we are alone
Wednesday 12th February 2020, performance starting at 5.30pm (
4.01pm train to Liverpool from Chester)

Frantic Assembly are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a brand-new production, I THINK WE ARE ALONE by Sally Abbott, co-directed by Kathy Burke and Scott Graham.

Two sisters are estranged and bicker over text. Their brittle and aggressive language is pushing them further apart when what they really want is to meet, clear the air and talk about the events that happened when they were young girls and haunt them still.

Josie is not allowing grief to get in the way. All of her focus is on what is best for her son, Manny. She desperately wants him to fly but can she let him go?

There is a person shaped hole in Graham’s heart and it is driving him to some dark places. When a stranger returns an act of kindness both find themselves opening up and connecting in a way that might just bring a bit of light in. There is beauty in this. This was meant to happen!

I THINK WE ARE ALONE is a bittersweet and funny take on our ache to connect with those voices we need to hear again, those arms we need to feel around us and those faces we need to see again. It is about letting go and holding on to what we love the most.

I THINK WE ARE ALONE is a delicate and uplifting play about our fragility, resilience and our need for love and forgiveness.

Tickets are offered at a special rate of £14 each. The deadline for booking tickets is midnight on Sunday 8th December.

Please note that each student going on the trip will also need to complete a Contact Details Form (attached) and send to to secure your place on the trip.

Note that students are responsible for arranging and paying for their own round trip train travel for this trip. We will go together via the train, departing from Chester station on the 4.01pm train to Liverpool from Chester, arriving Liverpool Central at 4.43pm, and walking together to Everyman Playhouse at L1 1EL. We will meet on the train station platform at 3.45pm on the 12th of February. We will return to Chester after the show also by train.

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