Thursday January 24th, 8pm
Kingsway Campus, University of Chester
Showcase Performances present
By Neil Salvage

Heinrich von Herzogenberg, wealthy music-lover, prepares for a celebration to mark the first performance of Brahms’ much awaited Violin Concerto - and in particular the guest of honour, Johannes Brahms himself, a man consumed by drunken self-loathing, haunted and scarred by an impoverished childhood but possessing an hilarious, coruscating, lethal wit.

We meet other guests who include ageing and embittered concert pianist Clara Schumann, the shallow and fatuous critic Eduard Hanslick and the manic demon virtuoso violinist Josef Joachim – a sometimes ridiculous figure consumed by jealousy.  The play features a controversial portrait of the magnificent but flawed Brahms who encounters them all like a wrecking ball, upsetting everyone with whom he engages - a monument to self-destructive genius and his angry but defiant achievement.

The piece, played continuously without an interval, will be performed by the distinguished actors Neil Salvage and Nicholas Collett and will uniquely integrate a specially composed soundscape underpinning and occasionally commenting on the action.

Tickets: £10/concession £5

Please note: These tickets will be held on the door for you to collect on the night and will not be posted out.

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