Cabaret From The Shadows

Cabaret From The Shadows

Thursday October 4th, 8pm
Kingsway Campus, University of Chester

Teatro Pomodoro present Cabaret From The Shadows

"Cabaret From The Shadows is a fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music; featuring charmingly anarchic characters who will leave your mouth agape as they reveal the depths of your psyche.

They’ll play with your thoughts, chew them up and spit them out in the form of hilarious, dark, sexy and unnerving cabaret.

Expect laughs, expect gasps, and expect the unexpected!

Come let devilry, illusion and mischief seize your heart and soul at the Cabaret From The Shadows!"

Winner of Nordic Fringe Network Award at Brighton Fringe 2017

Tickets: £10/concession £5

Please note: These tickets will be held on the door for you to collect on the night and will not be posted out.

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